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What if you were able to finish tasks faster? 

And better?

Or give clearer direction to your team to avoid numerous revisions, or worse, overhauls?

Our blogs put this kind of information at your fingertips. And our online courses will help you upskill, earn micro and macro credentials, or live a better life.

This year, 2021, we are making it our mission to share information with others—everything from best practices to improving relationships and building better skills. 

  • Follow our blogs at www.blogsbyjenn.com for free shareable content. 
  • Enroll in one of our quick and affordable classes at KnowHowNow.ca
  • Purchase one of our upcoming eBooks. 

Then, let us know how your life changes.  We love a success story!


Who are we?

JC Humphries & Associates is a boutique agency specializing in strategic writing, marketing communications, and public relations. In 2021, our team focuses on buoying business owners, solopreneurs and career professionals by creating free blog content and affordable training programs to fine-tune business growth strategies and make them more effective. 

To make the blogs and the online self-study courses easy to find, we’ve:

  • created blogsbyjenn.com, a website encouraging people to post, use and share our free content.
  • Launched a collaborative initiative at KnowHowNow.ca, bringing exemplary subject matter experts together to teach up-to-date and executable skills to business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals.